River Skills, Bodyworks+ and Waste Warriors

Anoter series of sessions, sponsored by the Trust and run by Groundwork North Wales (thanks guys and gals!) were run over the last 6 months. Thanks to the team and all those that took part. Another great series of sessions!

River Skills



Riverskills is our Interactive programme that helps engage learners with practical science, geography and wildlife through a field trip to a nearby river. Activities include: wildlife capture, classification and identification, investigating river ecosystems by measuring and recording variables of river environment, river eco systems, analysing data and presenting their findings.



Delivered by first aid practitioners, this cross curricular programme uses modern teaching strategies to link elements of the human body, the circulatory system and heart health with an introduction to First Aid for children. Children expand their knowledge of how the body works. It also gives children a unique opportunity to use CPR training manikins and other first aid resources to take responsibility for keeping the mind and body safe and healthy.

Waste Warriors


This programme supports the ‘Eco School’ ethos designed for sustainable progress and
development, which allows the whole school to grow and develop both educationally and as a community. The inclusive activities challenge each learner’s ability to work collaboratively, including paper making workshops, learners think critically and foster confidence in their own curiosity. Developed with clear objectives to raise the awareness of ESDGC and the 3 R’s, the programme explores environmental impacts on our planet and encourages learners to become champions for our environment.

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