Starlight Children’s Foundation

The Trust had the absolute pleasure of supporting a wonderful event at Popham Airfield in August 2018. The charity, Starlight Children’s Foundation, host a day of motorbikes, cars, planes and helicopters along with children’s entertainment and grub called Starlight’s Popham Escape. The weather held for the day, volunteers traipsed in from far and wide, and the trust was privileged to provide one of their cars (an MG TD built in 1951) and rental of an aircraft for the day. Both were in full swing all day (which was lucky as 2 weeks previously a certain trustee had spent a substantial amount of time under the floor of a very stubborn MG getting brakes serviced!) and hopefully created a good number of smiles and happy memories.

It is a really wonderful charity and if you ever find yourself with spare change please do support them as they do fantastic work. The volunteers helping with the day were fabulous and deserve a real hand in creating a welcoming and jovial atmosphere in every aspect and corner of the event. Special mention to the owners and operators at Popham who ran a tight ship for the day in what is a fairly staggering amount of traffic for a small airfield (32 aircraft outside the marquee when the doors opened).

Visit their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for proper updates. Enough from us – roll on 2019!


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