The John Andrews Charitable Trust

glyn y weddw9
Glyn-y-Weddw mid 19th Century

The John Andrews Charitable Trust was setup in 1990 and has continued since the passing of John and his wife, Nancy. The trust looks to help further the pursuit of art, maintain historical artifacts of our industrial past and most importantly fund charities and projects that have a real impact in helping better the lives of those unable to do so themselves.

The trust is primarily formed to operate within Wales, specifically the geographic areas surrounding Cardiff, Swansea and the Lleyn Peninsula. One of John’s most passionate topics was the Glyn-y-Weddw gallery (seen above and link here). The trust continues to support the gallery in its operation and occasionally helps with projects they have on their books.

The trust spends the rest of its energy finding unique local charities that it feels can make a real difference to the community. If you have a project or charity you’d like to speak to us about, please do use the contact form and get in touch!